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We push to improve the future, starting with our Young Minds, children are our Next Generation! 

We are "Empowering The Next Generation," and there is no better feeling then connecting with the young minds that will be governing the laws and protecting our rights and providing the resources we need to live thorough the ages. Our future is ours and if we act quickly we may be able to evolve faster and smarter than ever. Its time to start empowering and you should be empowered to do the same! 

Helping Hands

You can volunteer, donate, or network with our growing campaign to help young kids understand the great potential they have to be the leaders we need to keep them save and strong for the future.

Join The Empowerment Movement Today!


We come out and talk to the young minds about the latest news and trends in modern economics, & preparation.


We provide community service with mentorship training for all volunteers. 

Donations and Proceeds

We accept all forms of donations and use 100% of are resources and cash flow  for empowering the next generation ! 😁

High Five without Hands

Want To Learn More Contact Us if you are interested in Volunteering, or requesting Event information. 

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